by Sweetbird

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You dwell not here, but in eternity.
You travel but in dreams while safe at home.
- A Course in Miracles

Dedicated to, and in loving memory of, Dr. Kenneth Wapnick,
teacher and student par excellence of A Course in Miracles.


released June 21, 2017

Sweetbird is:
Christine Yandell - Vocals, Singing Bowl, Pipe, Chimes
Steve Waite - Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Guitar Synth,
Bass, MIDI Programming

Featured Musicians:
Maciej Kuchcinski - Fretless Bass (track 10)
Ben Phillips - Drums (track 3)

All songs written, produced and mixed by Sweetbird.
Recorded in Shelton CT, Atlanta GA and Nashville TN.
Mastered by Mike Picotte.

Cover art courtesy of Michael Green, creator of the
Illuminated Rumi Book & Calendar. More of his work
can be seen at michaelgreenarts.com

For more Love and Light visit sweetbirdmusic.com

Made with Love



all rights reserved


Sweetbird Shelton, Connecticut

Sweetbird is Grammy-nominated vocalist Christine Yandell and guitarist Steve Waite. The duo has recorded six records to date on the Broadband Records label. The music is inspirational and reflective of the spiritual realm from which many of the lyrics and music emanate. Sweetbird is musical illumination and transformation. ... more

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Track Name: Rise
Day’s dawning
Love’s calling
Night fading
Hearts waken


Wall falling
Dreams dissolving
Light guiding

Track Name: Let There Be Light
Flesh and bone
they sink
they sink
like stone

How long
how long
how long
will hearts be lost

Fell asleep and dreamed I was alone
Separated far far from Home

Wrapped up in the self from head to tail
Blinded by the darkness of the veil

A forgotten memory
Remembering unity
Return to sanity
Let there be Light

Once upon a time before the lies
Tales are told by those with open eyes

Playing hide and seek we hope to find
Promises of peace within the Mind
Track Name: Till We Meet Again
Life flows free
Like waves upon the sea
More than meets the eye

Rays of Light
Illuminate the night
Hand in hand we rise

From streets of cobblestone to the seaside
Beside a fire under the stars
An ancient song of Love has been calling
To sing along and play a guitar

Till we meet again
Till we meet again
We know not where or when
Till we meet again

Dreams of time
In the blink of an eye
Never were before

On this day
A chance to mend our ways
Choosing Love once more
Track Name: Fearless Journey
Wisdom from sages through the ages
Divided minds illusions of time
Mistaken separation
Fallen angel feels like a stranger

Singing from the rooftops unafraid
Return from where we came

Revelation elevation
Piercing the veil setting sail
No resistance without distance
Fearless journey the tide is turning
Track Name: The Field
There is a Field
A field of Light
Beyond what’s wrong
Beyond what’s right

Out in the Field
The tree of Life
Garden of Truth
Rose blossoms bright

I’ll meet you there
I’ll meet you there
When the day is done

One in the Field
This field of Love
Freedom to fly
Stars shine above

Out in the Field
We freely roam
Where all is One
Where we are home


I’ll meet you there
I’ll meet you there
I’ll meet you there
Track Name: Sleepwalking
How do you know when it’s real
Can’t go by the way that you feel
Images seen projected on the screen
All make believe

Made the world a place to hide
Wearing it as a disguise
Opening eyes believing we arise
Sleepwalking all the while

From one dream to another
You are me
I am you
Calling out for Love
Forgiving all that never was
To be free

Leaving illusion behind
Ego can’t go for the ride
What is eternal can never die
Awakening to the Light


Sleepwalking . . . .
Track Name: Moment of Now
Jaded perception
Illusions of an unreal me
Conceals the perfection
That is and will always be

Awaken, beloved, from dreams
Dreams of fright
Rise up in this day
Rise up and see the Light

Oh, the past is gone
Forget tomorrow
Don’t wonder why or how
Be content
In the moment of Now

Riding the wave of the day
In the way it unfolds
Hiding in plain sight
Are wonders to behold

Sweet songs of Tarot
Beckon to be heard
In a realm of Silence
Beyond all words
Track Name: The Fading Dream
Opened the door
Tender and sore
Saw how I looked in the light
Voice deep within
Strap yourself in
Yeah, you’re in for the ride of your life

No one ever said this would be easy
Acclimating to the speed of dreams
Nobody said this would be easy
But in the light of this love
I find direction, spirit, body, and mind

Bought what they sold
Did what I was told
Pretended to fit in the shoes
Behind sleepy eyes
The color of skies
Black and white gave me the blues


A thousand mile journey begins with a single step
Take care to bring a good umbrella
If you go where few have gone, you know, you’ll find what few have found
From this place you can see forever


In the light of this love
Track Name: Through You
The sweetest honey
The sunniest day
The song in your smile
Never fades away

A blooming flower
Wind chimes in the air
Rainbow in the sky
Days without care

To see your heart
Filled with peace
See the Light
Shine through you
To know true love
Sense the joy
To see the Spirit
Flow through you

Through you

Every now and then
The past returns
Let it go
Let it burn


The sweetest honey
The sunniest day
The song in your smile
That never fades away
Hey,,, ayyyy….
Track Name: Heaven Calls Home
Running free
Through the Golden Door
Bathed in Light
All Is … evermore

Fears arise
Another dark night begun
Then fades like mist
In morning Sun

(Pre chorus-Chorus)
Heaven calls home

Ego thoughts
Stream without end
Quiet them now
Hear The Friend

Truth in rhyme
Joy and peace
Beyond time
Track Name: hOMe
Again the darkness comes
Again we let it go
In this day of Love
We know the way back home

Above the cloud skies
Where there is no rain
Rays of Light
Shine away all pain

This is hOMe
Beyond the fall
One with All

No more make believe
False security
Only joy and peace

For now there’s only Love
In this Light we see
Forever as it was
Forever it will be


Again the darkness comes
Again we let it go
In this day of Love
We know the way back home