The Great Life

by Sweetbird

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The fourth Sweetbird album was recorded after a successful eighteen month battle with cancer, making it that much sweeter. "The Great Life" is dedicated to David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD. For more about Sweetbird's music, please visit: We appreciate your support. Thanks for listening!


released April 5, 2011

Words and Music by Christine Yandell and Steve Waite. Mixed by Sean Moffitt, Moffitt Sound Design, Nashville, TN. Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper, Turtle Tone Studios, NYC.



all rights reserved


Sweetbird Shelton, Connecticut

Sweetbird is Grammy-nominated vocalist Christine Yandell and guitarist Steve Waite. The duo has recorded six records to date on the Broadband Records label. The music is inspirational and reflective of the spiritual realm from which many of the lyrics and music emanate. Sweetbird is musical illumination and transformation. ... more

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Track Name: Love a Little More
Why can’t we love a little more?
Embrace the light
Open the door
Cast the darkness aside

Why can’t we love our enemies?
Pray for their hearts
To see true Self
A wondrous remedy

(Pre Chorus)
An open book
A burning heart
Receiving grace
Never part

Have you lost your way?
Do you feel all alone?
Has your heart become stone?
Oh, love can take you home

It’s time to love a little more
It’s why we’re here
Perfect love
Casts out all fear

It’s time to love our enemies
See through the skin
Spiritual fruit
Reveals Life within

In the twilight of this life
When you look back
Was there Light?
Was there Love?

(Chorus – 2xs last time: Love will take you home)

Sure there’s a flame deep within
The breathe of life whispers…“Begin.”
Track Name: Sacred Romance
Sing me a song from above
High in the trees
Within the leaves
Bring me a token of love
Float on the breeze
Sweet honey bees

Leave me a gift from the sea
Barefoot affair
Salt in the air
Whisper a secret to me
Treasure so rare
Beyond compare

Stars singing harmony in the night
River flowing with life
Down through the canyon and high on the mountain top
All creation is calling out


Raise up your voice from the land
Crickets entrance
Fireflies dance
Bring me the touch of your hand
This circumstance
Sacred romance


Track Name: Inside Out
Dying to live
Learning to give
Changing the inside out
Losing to gain
Grow through the pain
Finding what it’s about

Feeling divided
Yet Undecided
Straddled the line between the kingdom and the world
The way provided
The flame ignited
Invited past the point of no return

What’s in a name, he said?

Jumped from the mountain
Swam in the fountain
Carried along by going with the flow of love
Eagle and river
Strangely familiar
Beyond the noise beyond the shadow of a doubt

What’s in a name, she said?

(Musical Chorus)
Track Name: Alma
(Jesus speaking to Alma while she is lying in bed dying)
I’m right here
Where I’ve always been
Right by your side
Beginning and end

I knew you
Before you knew Me
I held you
You couldn’t see

(Pre Chorus)
Open the eyes of your heart
The time has come
For us to be One



(Alma speaking to Jesus moments before she passes on)
Distracted by things
Done in Your name
I wanted to know
Wanted to change

The time is near
Is it too late?
How much longer
Must I wait?

(Pre Chorus)
Sweet Jesus
There you are
The Truth is known
I’m coming home…

(Interlude – the angels sing)

NOTE: The inspiration for Alma comes from Jim Walsh, who wrote via email:
“I just thought about your comment on writing a song about Alma, my 96 year old mother- thank you - what a loving thought.”
Track Name: I Forgive
As the light reveals the disguise
I see delusion hidden in lies
Darkness I can now perceive
Freedom has come

And as I pass through the Narrow Gate
I hear a voice say:
“It isn’t too late
Shed the past, leave it behind
And all that you’ve done
You’re forgiven
My beloved one”

I forgive your foolish pride
I forgive all the anger inside
I forgive the secrets you hide
I forgive all the tears
The tears that you’ve cried

On an journey that never ends
All the armor I need to defend
Up high on this precious ground
One with the Son

Now my heart beats with Yours
Perfect love opens all doors
Living water - a Vine so sweet
The battle is won
Yes, the battle is won


I forgive the resentment you hold
I forgive the emotions so cold
I forgive all the fear and the blame
I forgive all the shame


You’re forgiven
My beloved one
Track Name: The Great Life
With this heart, I can live
With this love, I can give
With this hope, I can grow
With this peace, I can show

Press in - press on
Another day
In The Great Life

We fix our eyes on what’s unseen
Receive grace, trust and believe
Travel the path few can conceive
Let Truth set us free


Beyond the ego
Rising in Light
True Self in view
Above left and right


In Christ
Track Name: Jericho
Why won’t you let Love in?

All those years of tears and pain
Defying authority in vain
The voice that speaks to you now is Truth
And it will set you free


All those years you tried to see
And journey into eternity
The wall you built must fall
For you to have it all



Oh, won’t you let Love in
Track Name: Let Go
To leave all this here
Isn’t the easiest thing to do
To rise above the earth
In this beautiful balloon
And be free

Tethered to dreams
Weighed down by make believe
All considered dear
False reality
Holding on

No body can remain for very long
All we think we have will soon be gone
Desire’s gravitational pull is strong
Don’t matter who is right or who is wrong

Let go

There once was a man
Clinging to a string
Whispers on the wind
Trust was beckoning
To release

At the break of dawn
The man still hanging on
Frozen he was found
Five feet above the ground
There he died



All that will be
Detached from what is keeping us from seeing
Track Name: Take Me Away
Darkness falls
High on the wire
Flesh yearns
Spirits burn

Lights dim
Glares of desire
Eyes glance
Pulses dance

Lord, take me away
It’s Your light
I want to see
Oh, take me away
Let Your heart beat
Inside me

Rocks glisten
Carnal stares
Midnight dawns
The beat goes on

Broken lines
Empty chairs
Senses wane
To ease the pain


Tempted again…

It’s Your light (3x)
Oh take me away
Let Your heart beat inside me (3x)
Track Name: Follow Me
Follow me
I’ll show you
A heart of peace
A love so true

Follow me
I’ll give you
The strength you need
To make it through

I am the Way, the Life
I am the Truth
I am the Spirit that will
Set you free

Follow me

Follow me
I’ll be your eyes
Give you sight
To see the lies

Follow me
Kingdom come
A narrow path
To freedom


Enduring all things

Follow me
Follow me
Track Name: I Am Love (full band version)
I wander through
These streets alone
Never looking for you
I see like a child sees

I Am Love

I am patient
And I am kind
I’m never jealous
Never selfish

I Am Love

I’m not touchy
I delight in the truth
I am ready to excuse
I am never rude

I Am Love

I am stronger than you know
I can make the rivers flow
I can lift you when you’re down
I can turn your world around
I can brighten every day
I can guide you on your way

I Am Love

I am hope
Eager to trust
I endure all these things
I never fail

I Am Love

Stormy seas
I sail through
May I always be
With you
I Am Love


May I always be
With you
I Am Love